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  • Treatment Works

    Treatment Works

    The good news is that treatment works. It is important to understand that excessive substance and/or alcohol use is a complex set of problems that involves the interplay of psychological, physical, and environmental factors. It it not a weakness of character, spirit, or personality. Read More
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    Mark Reisman has been a professional counselor in both the Mental Health and Drug and Alcohol recovery field for the past 30 years. He has worked for the past 25 years for Napa County Health and Human Services.      Read More
  • Individual Consequences

    Individual Consequences

    There is little debate that the use of drugs and alcohol is a growing problem nationally. Its negative impact on job performance, school success, families, and personal relationships is well documented. Read More
  • Family Effects

    Family Effects

    Family members and significant others are often confused and upset about their loved one. They ask themselves what is the best way to help? How do we communicate with the person we are concerned about? What is role in trying to help them? Read More
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6 Reasons Why Recovery Counseling Works

1. A Counselor Will Not Judge You.
2. No matter How Disturbing the Subject, A Counselor Will Stay Engaged.
3. A Counselor Has Empathy, Understanding, Insight, Acceptance, and Experience.
4. Counseling Gives You The Opportunity To Speak the Unspeakable.
5. Counseling Provides a Safe Environment To Explore Your Issues.
6. There Is a Strong And Well Established Research Base For The Success Of Recovery Counseling.

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