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Mark Reisman is a professional counselor in both the mental health and drug and the alcohol recovery field .  He holds a masters degree in Counselor Education, and is a certified addiction counselor, a certified addiction counseling clinical supervisor, and a certified domestic violence counselor.  He has worked extensively in both the public and private sectors and has given many presentations on the subject of alcohol and substance abuse. He has worked for the past 25 years  providing direct service counseling and supervision for recovery programs in the Napa community.  He is currently on the board of directors of a local Napa nonprofit agency and has his own private practice providing recovery services.  Mark has a broad range of clinical skills including individual, group, and family recovery counseling.  He provides confidential services in the privacy of an office setting and assists clients and families in fostering the first steps to consider when addressing their substance use issues, as well as ongoing recovery treatment.  Mark believes that all people, if given a chance within a supportive environment, can change and move successfully towards a healthier lifestyle.

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