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1. A Counselor Will Not Judge You.
You will not have your thoughts, feelings, actions or history judged.  The counselor  is there to help you understand how you got into this situation, why you made the decisions you did, and the best ways to develop strategies to make things right.
2. No matter How Disturbing the Subject, A Counselor Will Stay Engaged.
When you share uncomfortable information, the tendency is perhaps to withdraw, or run away.  A counselor is committed to stay in the room physically, emotionally, and personally.  
3. A Counselor Has Empathy, Understanding, Insight, Acceptance, and Experience.
 A counselor does much more then blindly listen.  He knows how to listen, understand and respond.  He has the ability to explore the hurt with you without getting lost or overwhelmed with it.  This is called empathy.
He has the tools and ideas to help you navigate through the difficulties. The counselor will work together with you to develop individualized plans to aid you to move forward in a positive direction.  A counselor cannot change the past. He can help you both to accept the situation as it is, and accept yourself unconditionally as you move towards the next steps in the process.
4. Counseling Gives You The Opportunity To Speak the Unspeakable.
Many things are deeply hidden, difficult to talk about, and subjects you carry around for years.  They can weigh on you and cause relational, personal, and even physical difficulties. Counseling can help you free yourself from these secrets and figure out what to do.
5. Counseling Provides a Safe Environment To Explore Your Issues.
The counseling relationship is confidential, and protected.  You are sheltered, and any and all information you share is kept within the counseling sessions except for the counselors requirements to follow the law, or share information only with people you designate.
6. There Is a Strong And Well Established Research Base For The Success Of    Recovery Counseling.
People all over the globe have examined the validity of recovery counseling.  Its success is supported by many studies, and just as importantly by the testimonials of individuals and families who engage in the process.
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